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WordPress Built-in Tools: From Basics to Advanced Features

Have you heard about the powerful WordPress Built-in Tools? If you’re starting with WordPress, this guide will help you understand and utilize these platform’s tools.

The current article is "5.12. WP Built-in Tools" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
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Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
On the left menu bar, click on [Tools]

Simplifying Content Organization: Categories and Tags Converter

One often overlooked but convenient tool in the WordPress Built-in Tools section is the ‘Categories and Tags Converter.’ Especially beneficial for those new to content management and organization, this tool streamlines the process of redefining your content’s categorization. Whether you’ve changed your mind or realized a better way to structure your content, you can easily convert your existing categories into tags and vice versa.

WordPress Built-in Tools: Importing Content with Ease

For those looking to migrate their content from platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, or even another WordPress site, the WordPress Built-in Tools Import section is handy. Click on the platform of your choice and follow the straightforward instructions. Before you know it, your content will be integrated seamlessly.

Hassle-Free Content Export

Are you thinking of backing up or shifting your content? With the content Export tool, you can choose the specific type of content, be it posts, pages, or media, and export it effortlessly. Just click ‘Download Export File,’ and you’re set.

WordPress Built-in Tools: Ensuring Optimal Site Health

One standout feature of the WordPress Built-in Tools is the ‘Site Health‘ option. It does a thorough check, offering insights into your site’s health. You’ll receive valuable feedback, including performance enhancers and security measures, tailored especially for those new to the digital landscape.

Note: We will turn off automatic updates with the Clearfy Cache WordPress plugin later in our Complete SEO Guide Box. You will see the critical issue in the ‘Site Health’ tool: Background updates are not working as expected. This is fine, as explained in the Clearfy Cache article.

It is essential to check the ‘Site Health’ tool occasionally.

Managing Personal Data with Confidence

Privacy is paramount, and the WordPress Built-in Tools prioritize this. Input an email, send a request, and either export personal data or erase personal data with a few clicks. It’s not only about adhering to regulations like GDPR but also about providing transparency to your audience.

Note: We recommend turning off usernames and emails in the comment section because of your users’ security and responsibilities, but it is up to you to decide. This tool can do nothing without a username and email since no user private data is left on the site.

Embracing Additional Features

As you delve deeper, you’ll notice that there might be added tools depending on your plugins. Although these vary, the WordPress Built-in Tools lay the foundation, making plugin additions a breeze.


Navigating the world of WordPress becomes significantly smoother with the help of WordPress Built-in Tools. These tools are designed to offer intuitive, efficient, and secure experiences. Embrace them, and you’ll be on the path to mastering WordPress in no time.

The current article is "5.12. WP Built-in Tools" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 5.11. Permalinks Settings. Next Article: 5.13. WP Dashboard


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