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How to Buy a Domain Name with NameSilo Domain Registrar

Are you looking to figure out how to buy a domain name with NameSilo? You’re in the right place. This guide will help you with the process, ensuring you have a smooth experience even if you’re new to the world of domains.

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What is NameSilo

NameSilo is a domain registrar company. They provide internet domain registration and web hosting services. To fully understand the topic, you should read more about domain names, Top-Level Domains (TLDs), and domain name registrars. NameSilo began as a domain registration company, and they do it well.

NameSilo differentiates itself from other domain registrars with its pricing model, which it claims is transparent and inexpensive. They offer additional services like domain privacy protection and a marketplace. There, you can buy and sell domains.

How to Buy a Domain Name with NameSilo, Step-by-Step

This guide simplifies the process of buying a domain with NameSilo.

Visit the NameSilo Website: Begin by opening a web browser and navigating to NameSilo’s website.

Search for Your Domain: Find the search bar, input your domain name in mind, then press ‘Search Domain.’ This action kickstarts your journey to buy a domain name with NameSilo.

Exploring Domain Options: Below the search bar, a button labeled ‘Show Advanced Search.’ Pressing this button lets you check different top-level domains (or TLDs, the suffixes of web addresses like .com, .org, and more) that you might want to use.

Explore the Domain Name Generator: Beneath the search box, you will find a toolbar with various domain name generation options, such as ‘Exact Match’ or ‘Mix.’ You can try different generation options if you wish to utilize the feature.

Select Your Domain: Once you find a domain name that fits your needs, press ‘Add’ beside it. Now, you’re closer to buying a domain name with NameSilo.

Add Features: At this stage, you will have the option to ‘Add Features.’ However, it’s important to note that features like DNS protection, SSL, and hosting may not be necessary as we will use another service for these features. So, you can skip this step and ‘Checkout.’

Create an Account: To complete the process – create an account. We recommend using your primary email address for all domain management activities, as you’ll receive crucial updates, renewal notifications, and security alerts on this email.

Reviewing and Setting: Return to your cart once your account is ready. Review these settings for your domain:
Service Link: Keep this as ‘None (default).’ We’ll set the service later when connecting with CloudFlare.
NameServers: We’ll set this up later with CloudFlare.
Auto-Renew: Turn this ‘On’ to avoid losing your domain after the purchase period ends.
Privacy: Ensure this is ‘On’ to protect your WHOIS private information by filling in false data. At the time of writing, this service was free.
Duration: Set to ‘1 year.’ There’s no discount for an extended period, so there’s no need to set it for more than a year.
This part is crucial when you buy a domain name with NameSilo because it ensures you control and protect your domain effectively.
Once you’ve reviewed and adjusted these settings, proceed to ‘Checkout.’

Finalizing Your Purchase: After reviewing and adjusting these settings, you can finish your purchase. Select your payment method: PayPal, credit card, or any country-specific method. Accept the terms and conditions and make the payment.

Enhancing Security: After purchasing, consider enabling the Domain Defender and Two-Factor Authentication options in the settings to secure your domain further.

You now know how to buy a domain name with NameSilo. It’s a straightforward process that can start your online journey smoothly. Remember, the key to maintaining your domain is to stay updated with all communications from NameSilo.

Validate the Settings of Your Domain Name after you Buy it with NameSilo

We will validate that all the settings are correct at this stage so we won’t lose this domain name after a year.

Navigate to the NameSilo Homepage and log in.
In the top menu, click “My Account”.
Click [Domain Manager] on the new page in the left menu bar.
Click the Domain name you registered.

On the “DOMAIN CONSOLE” page, check that these settings are valid:
Auto-Renewal:   Yes
Domain Locked:   Yes
Privacy Setting:   WHOIS Privacy

On the bottom, in the “Domain Contacts” section, you will see the contacts appearing under WHOIS Privacy.

Checking Details About the Domain Name

You can check your domain WHOIS details using the appropriate tools.

The current article is "4.6. Buy a Domain: NameSilo" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 4.5. Choose Registrar. Next Article: 4.7. Choose Hosting Provider


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