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WordPress Writing Settings: Streamlining Your Posts

Explaining WordPress Writing Settings

Understanding the WordPress Writing Settings is crucial for optimizing your website’s functionality and appearance. We will go over the features on this page and provide a clear understanding of its features.

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Default Settings for Posts: Category and Format

The WordPress Writing Settings page begins with the default post category and post format. The “Default Post Category” option allows the automatic assignment of a category to your new posts. This feature is handy if you frequently forget to categorize your posts or if a single category encompasses most of your content.

The “Default Post Format” option, on the other hand, lets you set a standard format for all new posts. WordPress offers a variety of post formats such as standard, image, video, quote, and more. However, the availability of these formats depends on your chosen theme.

Post via Email: An Advanced Feature in WordPress Writing Settings

The WordPress Writing Settings page also includes a “Post via email” feature. This advanced option allows you to create an email box account that WordPress will monitor. Emails sent to this email box will automatically be converted into posts. You can also set the default category for these posts and decide whether they should be published immediately or saved as drafts.

Update Services: Notifying the World

The final section of the WordPress Writing Settings page is “Update Services.” Here, you can list the ‘ping’ services that WordPress will inform whenever you publish a new post. By default, WordPress uses Ping-O-Matic, a service that notifies multiple feed aggregators. However, you can add more services if desired.

On the left side menu bar, hover with your mouse cursor over [Settings], then click on [Writing] in the pop-up menu.
There is not much you need to change here.

You can create a default category where all your new posts will go by default and set it in the “Default Post Category.” This is not mandatory. Some create a default category if they have only one or eliminate the option when they forget to set a directory while writing a post. The advice is better not to forget to create one. At the end of this Complete SEO Guide Box, we will review a checklist when creating a post so you will not forget to set the category.

The “Post via email” section of the WordPress Writing Settings can help people who don’t want to customize their content much and want only to share their ideas online as fast as possible. This is not suitable for SEO and regular users who post content with customizations.

The “Update Services” section sets services to ping when you create a post or update. WordPress’s default service is good enough, but you can add more if you like. Just remember to check if they’re active.

If you made any changes, click [Save Changes] at the bottom.

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You can read more about WordPress Wriring Settings in the WordPress Docs.


Mastering WordPress Writing Settings is a powerful way to enhance your website’s functionality and presentation. By familiarizing yourself with these settings, you can optimize your WordPress experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned WordPress user, it’s worth exploring these options to see how they can improve your site.

The current article is "5.5. WP Writing Settings" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 5.4. WP General Settings. Next Article: 5.6. WP Update Pings


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