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How to Buy a Website Hosting with CloudWays, Add WordPress

Are you wondering how to buy a website hosting plan with CloudWays? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down the process step by step.

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What is CloudWays and DigitalOcean

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform. It provides website hosting services more straightforwardly than traditional cloud hosting providers, typically requiring more technical knowledge.

CloudWays allows users to choose from several top-tier cloud providers. One of them is DigitalOcean. The platform has an easy interface where we can manage applications, servers, and projects without the need to handle the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Features of CloudWays include:

One-click installation: Users can install various applications like WordPress with a single click.
Performance optimization: CloudWays has an optimized stack with ready-to-use caches, including Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis, to deliver expedited responses.
Security: The platform ensures server-level security with regular OS patches, two-factor authentication, and firewalls.
Automated backups: Users can schedule automatic backups with the frequency of their choice.
24/7 Support: CloudWays offers round-the-clock customer support to its users.
Vertical Scaling: Increase server size without affecting your customization.

As of 2022, there have been significant changes in the status of CloudWays. DigitalOcean, a well-established, U.S.-based cloud infrastructure provider, acquired the company. This merger has brought CloudWays under the umbrella of DigitalOcean, expanding the capabilities of both entities. DigitalOcean’s robust infrastructure and Cloudways’ user-friendly managed services offer an improved, comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize their online operations.

DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider. It provides developers with cloud services that help to deploy, scale, and automate applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers.

How to Buy a Website Hosting with CloudWays: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Navigating the CloudWays Website.

Visit the CloudWays official website.
Once you land on their homepage, you’ll see an option labeled [Pricing] on the top panel of the webpage. Click on it to explore various hosting plans.

Step 2: Choosing Your Hosting Plan.

When choosing a hosting plan, select the DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure. The DigitalOcean is the most cost-effective option for beginners and medium sites. With almost 99% uptime, DigitalOcean is robust enough for hosting a WordPress website. Opt for the [Standard] servers option (instead of “Premium”), which is sufficient for a new website, and choose [Monthly] payments. The basic plan, costing $11 per month, is an excellent place to start when you’re learning how to buy a website hosting plan with CloudWays. We don’t need more than that when creating the website since there will be few users initially. You can upgrade and scale up anytime when more user traffic is on your site.

These settings should be your plan setup:
$ 11 /mo
Excluding Taxes. Includes DO Hosting Charges.
Processor 1 Core
Storage 25GB
Bandwidth 1TB

The price excludes taxes, but for the $11 package, it should be around $0.5.
Click on [START FREE] to begin your 3-day free trial.

Step 3: Fill out the Registration Form.

Fill out the registration form with your personal information. For “Email,” use the Email address we created for website management. Describe your role as a [Blogger], and set your expected monthly spending to $0 – $50. Once you’ve filled in all the details, tick the “I agree” box and click [START FREE].

Step 4: Validating Your Account.

Head over to your email account to validate your CloudWays registration. In the email sent by CloudWays, click the [Activate Now] button to confirm your account. CloudWays site should open with a window saying “Welcome Abroad.” Click [LET’S GET STARTED] to proceed.

Step 5: Creating Your Server in How to Buy a Website Hosting with CloudWays Guide

Now that you have an active account, it’s time to create a server. If you’re wondering how to buy a website hosting plan with CloudWays and establish your server, don’t worry. After you confirm the Welcome page, you will navigate to the server launch page.

If you get lost, you can easily navigate to the server creation page from the top menu by clicking [Servers], then [Launch Now]. You can use CloudWays Help to launch a new server.

Step 6: Customizing Your Server.

You will navigate to the page labeled “APPLICATION & SERVER DETAILS.” Select your application as [WordPress – Clean (No CloudWays Optimization) Version X.XX].
No CloudWays Optimization means the “Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin by CloudWays” will not install.
There are better plugins to activate server optimization features in WordPress, which we’ll cover later.

Set the names of all the configurations:
Name Your Managed App: yourdomain.com
Name Your Managed Server: WordPress Server 1
Name Your Project: Your Domain <You can change that later if you want>

While buying hosting with CloudWays, remember to name your managed app, server, and project appropriately.
Select [Digital Ocean] as your infrastructure and choose the lowest server size, which you can upgrade anytime as your site grows.

For the server location, pick a city based on your target audience. If it’s in the US, select the city in the US. If it is in the EU, select based on City in EU Countries. Most of our sites are written in English and targeted to a worldwide audience. We typically leave the server in London, making it easier to be GDRP law-compliant. We’ll cover Privacy Policy creation later. In addition, it doesn’t matter where our hosting server geographically resides since we’ll be using CDN service.

If you want to change the server location, you can do it later through server cloning. We will discuss how to clone the CloudWays server in our upscaling and downscaling Cloudways server article.

Step 7: Launching Your Server in How to Buy a Website Hosting with CloudWays Guide

After filling in all the details, click [LAUNCH NOW]. The server will be available in approximately 5 minutes.
Remember that you can add multiple applications to your server, but adding too many can slow down your site.

Step 8: Free Period.

Under the top menu, you will see how much time you have until the free usage expires.
If you want to use the three days for free, return to continue the upgrade when the free period expires since you will not get it if you upgrade the account.

Step 9: Upgrading Your Account.

Click on [UPGRADE MY ACCOUNT] to complete the billing and [AUTHORIZE] payment details to proceed.

Step 10: Accessing Your Website.

Congratulations, you can now access your website! Click [Servers] in the top menu bar, then on the “www” symbol next to your server, and then your application name. Under [Access Details], you’ll find the “APPLICATION URL” to access your site and “ADMIN PANEL” to access the WordPress Administration panel.

Conclusion of How to Buy a Website Hosting with CloudWays

In conclusion, learning how to buy a website hosting plan with CloudWays is straightforward and user-friendly. As you venture into your digital journey, remember that you can always upgrade your plan as your website grows.

The current article is "4.8. How to Buy Hosting" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 4.7. Choose Hosting Provider. Next Article: 4.9. Migrating to CloudWays


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