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CloudWays Tools Usage: Maximizing Hosting Service Resources

In this article, we will talk about CloudWays and the usage of the tools that they provide with their hosting. In today’s digital era, the reliability and security of your website are non-negotiable. While numerous hosting providers are available, not all of them offer a suite of additional tools that can make the life of a website owner easier and safer. CloudWays is one hosting provider that stands out in this regard. Among the many tools they offer, several are particularly noteworthy.

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Automatic Backups: Your Website’s Safety Net

One of the CloudWays tools usage is the Automatic Backup. The importance of regular website backups can’t be overstated. Here’s why:

Disaster Recovery: Whether it’s a hacking attempt, accidental deletion, or server failure, things can go wrong. A backup ensures you can restore your website to its previous state, minimizing disruptions and potential revenue loss.

Data Protection: Regular backups ensure that recent content updates, comments, and other data are safeguarded against potential loss.

Peace of Mind: Knowing you have multiple backup versions, especially over the last 10 days, you can revert to a specific time if needed.

CloudWays tools usage simplifies this process with automatic backups, relieving website owners of the manual task and ensuring that there’s always a recent backup available. There are 10 automatic backups available for the last 10 days – a backup for each day. You can select a backup and restore it.

Navigating to Automatic Backup and Restore

Login to your CloudWays account.
Under “Applications”, click on your WordPress app.
Click on [Backup and Restore] on the left side menu bar.
Find the backup you want to restore, select it, and click [Restore Application Now].

Understanding WordPress Core Updates and CloudWays SafeUpdates Tool

Another tool out of CloudWays tools usage is the SafeUpdates Tool. While WordPress updates promise enhanced functionality and security, there’s an important point to consider. Sometimes, the latest WordPress core update isn’t immediately available in your dashboard. There have been instances where website owners had to wait over a month for the most recent update to be accessible. This waiting period can inadvertently expose your site to the vulnerabilities of older versions, posing potential security risks.

Here’s where the brilliance of the CloudWays SafeUpdates tool for WordPress comes into play. Instead of being at the mercy of the dashboard’s timeline or risking a DIY update, you can use this tool to execute updates on demand.

How does it work? Before significant changes, the SafeUpdates tool first stages your site on a non-production server. This step ensures the update process is successful and won’t interfere with your site’s functionality. Once the staged update gets a green light, it’s safely applied to your live WordPress site.

Though the CloudWays SafeUpdates tool usage does come with a monthly fee, its flexibility is commendable. If you only need to use it once, you can opt for just a month’s usage and then deactivate it, ensuring you only pay for what you use. While some may hesitate at the idea of an additional fee, the peace of mind and security it offers are invaluable. Imagine the potential cost and stress of a flawed manual DIY update resulting in a malfunctioning website.

Using the SafeUpdates tool typically takes between 20 to 40 minutes. However, it’s a short wait to ensure your site’s optimal functionality and security. In website management, this tool is a testament to the aphorism: “Better safe than sorry.”

How to Use CloudWays SafeUpdates Tool

CloudWays SafeUpdate Tool usage is as follows:

Login to your CloudWays account.
Under “Applications”, click on your WordPress app.
On the left side menu bar, click on [SafeUpdates].
On the “SafeUpdates” page, on the top, enable the SafeUpdates.

Under the [On-Demand] tab, check:
[V] WordPress Core

Click [Update] on the bottom.
Once the update is finished, you may log in to your WordPress Dashboard and check the version.
In addition, you may check that everything is fine on your front page.
Go back to the “SafeUpdates” page on CloudWays and deactivate it.

CloudWays Database Manager

Each hosting provider has a Database Manager, and CloudWays is no different. We covered CloudWays Database Management usage in a separate article. This tool is also an important out of CloudWays tools usage.


Embracing the benefits of Cloudways hosting tools usage is a smart move for anyone who uses CloudWays hosting service. Whether safeguarding your website data with backups or keeping everything updated and functional, Cloudways ensures you’re always ahead of the curve.

The current article is "4.12. CloudWays Tools" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 4.11. Settings for WordPress. Next Article: 4.13. WWW or Non-WWW


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