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Creating a Contact Page: Boost Your Site’s Engagement

Why Creating a Contact Page is Important

Creating a contact page for your WordPress site opens up a world of opportunities. Not only does it make you appear professional, but it also offers several other benefits. In this article, we’ll explain why it is essential and the advantages it can bring to your website.

The current article is "7.4. Create Contact Page" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
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Connects You with Your Visitors

One of the main reasons to create a contact page is that it offers a direct line of communication between you and your audience. Potential clients, customers, or collaborators can reach out to you directly, making it easier to establish relationships.

Adds Professionalism to Your Website

When you create a contact page, you show your site visitors that you’re accessible and willing to hear from them. It signals professionalism and demonstrates that you’re serious about your online presence.

Organizes Your Communication

Having a contact page helps you keep all your communication in one place. Instead of getting scattered emails from various platforms, you can organize and manage your messages efficiently. This organization saves time and ensures you don’t overlook any critical communication.

Enhances Your SEO

When you create a contact page with essential details like your business address, phone number, and email, you improve your site’s SEO. Including these details can also help your website appear in local search results.

Builds Trust with Your Audience

Creating a contact page gives your website credibility. It’s more likely that visitors will trust your site when they see you have provided a way to reach you directly.

Encourages Feedback and Suggestions

A contact page lets visitors easily provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions. By enabling this communication channel, you can better understand your audience’s needs and improve your content and services accordingly.

Opens Up Growth Opportunities

Creating a contact page opens the door to potential business opportunities, partnerships, or even job offers that can help your business grow.

Promotes Social Media Engagement

Including links to your social media profiles on your contact page encourages visitors to connect with you on multiple platforms.

Customization Options

WordPress plugins offer various options for customizing your contact form to add specific fields based on your needs and brand.

How to Create a WordPress Contact Page

Please create a new WordPress page.

The Title will be “Contact”, or “<Your Site Name> – Contact”.
Your content should contain the ways to contact you.

In addition, it should contain two emails that we created with your custom domain on Zoho: [email protected] and [email protected].

You should state that for “support,” users should reach out if they have a question, suggestion, or anything site-related. Users should contact the “privacy” email if they have any privacy concerns or “Privacy Policy” related (which we will cover in the following article).

Contact Page Settings

Settings under content when creating a contact page:

“Yoast SEO” section.

[SEO] tab.

Please scroll down to the [Advanced] tab and open it.
Turn off to Allow search engines to show the page in SERPs.
Turn off Search engines to ‘follow’ links on the page.

Disable Related Posts display: [V]
Exclude this post from the related posts list: [V]

Right pane.

When creating a contact page, navigate to the right pane.
Click the [Settings] square icon on the right to the [Publish] button.
Click on the [Page] tab.
Click on “URL”.
In the “PERMALINK” textbox, you should remove the text and input:


So the URL will look like:


Click on [X].

“Featured image” section.
[V] Show featured image…

Click [Publish].


Creating a contact page for your WordPress site is a simple step that can yield multiple benefits. It enhances your professionalism and opens channels for communication, feedback, and growth opportunities.

The current article is "7.4. Create Contact Page" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 7.3. Create a Homepage. Next Article: 7.5. About Us Page Creation


If you find any mistakes or have ideas for improvement, please follow the email on the Contact page.

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