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CloudWays Database Manager Usage: How to Access & Examples

The Database Manager

The CloudWays Database Manager represents a critical tool in the arsenal of any website administrator or developer usage. Of course, you need to utilize CloudWays hosting, but Database Manager should be available with any hosting provider. It facilitates seamless interaction with databases connected to your hosting account. It is a platform for creating, managing, and modifying databases, most commonly those employing MySQL or PostgreSQL technologies.

Database Creation and Management

One of the foundational elements of CloudWays Database Manager usage involves the creation of new databases. Whether you’re developing different sites or launching various applications, having the ability to establish fresh databases is essential.

User Access and Control

Equally important in the scope is the ability to create and manage user accounts. With this tool, you can regulate permissions and control who can access your databases and what actions they are authorized to perform.

Table Management: A Cornerstone of CloudWays Database Manager Usage

Table management forms the backbone of your database structure. The CloudWays Database Manager allows you to build, modify, and even eliminate tables as required.

Data Manipulation: A Key Feature of CloudWays Database Manager Usage

A further key component of CloudWays Database Manager usage includes data manipulation. You can add, edit, or delete records in your database. You can do this manually or by importing and exporting data in formats like CSV and SQL.

Optimizing Databases with CloudWays Database Manager

The tool offers options for optimizing the performance of your databases, ensuring they deliver the best possible service.

Safeguarding Your Data: Backups and Restores

An aspect of CloudWays Database Manager usage that cannot be overstated is its ability to create database backups. This capability is vital for data security and should the need arise. You can also restore your databases.

Running SQL Commands

For those with more advanced skills, you can execute SQL queries directly. Although this is a more complex application, it can be extremely useful in managing your database connections.

How to Access CloudWays Database Manager

Navigate to the CloudWays website and log in.
In the left top menu, click [Applications].
Click on your application/site rectangle.
You should already be in the [Access Details] tab on the left side menu bar.
On the bottom of the [ACCESS DETAILS] page, click on [LAUNCH DATABASE MANAGER].


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