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Redis Object Cache Plugin: WordPress Settings, Usage

What is the Redis Object Cache WordPress Plugin

The Redis Object Cache plugin is an impressive tool to boost the efficiency of your WordPress website. This open-source plugin directly connects to a robust Redis platform, which essentially acts as an in-memory data store. The Redis itself should be installed on your hosting provider as a package and enabled. The WordPress plugin utilizes this server-side caching feature for the WordPress application itself.

Simplifying Database Query Caching with Redis

Imagine this: Numerous database queries are triggered whenever a user lands on your WordPress page. Suppose there’s substantial traffic, or your site relies on complex queries. In that case, this process can noticeably slow your website down, impacting your SEO. So, how does the Redis Object Cache plugin make a difference?

This plugin can capture the results from these queries and safely store them within the Redis cache. Upon future page loads, the plugin retrieves the results directly from the Redis cache instead of triggering the same queries again. This transition eliminates unnecessary repeat processes, leading to swifter page load times – a factor your site’s visitors will undoubtedly appreciate.

Leveraging the Power of Object Caching

The Redis Object Cache plugin offers more than just database query caching. WordPress inherently incorporates an internal Transients API that allows the caching of serializable data (data that can be converted into a storable format). Redis Object Cache extends this API, employing Redis as a storage backend. The plugin’s utilization of Redis is far quicker than WordPress’s default file-based caching system, enhancing your site’s performance.

Utilizing Redis for Session Storage

Beyond just caching, the Redis Object Cache plugin can tap into Redis for user session data storage. Suppose your website requires user authentication or wants to maintain session persistence across multiple server instances. In that case, this plugin proves to be highly useful.

Installing Redis Object Cache WordPress Plugin

You can install the plugin using our WordPress Plugin Installation Guide article of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
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Setting up Redis Object Cache WordPress Plugin

Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
On the left side menu bar, hover with the mouse cursor over [Settings], then click on [Redis] in the pop-up menu.
In the [Overview] tab, you will see

Status: Not Connected

Click on [Enable Object Cache].
Now your Status should show “Connected.”

Flushing Cache in Redis Object Cache WordPress Plugin

The easiest way to clear the cache is to hover your mouse over the topmost menu bar over [Object Cache], then click on [Flush Cache] in the pop-up menu.
Another option would be from the Plugin’s [Overview] tab.

Checking Performance

Since the plugin is responsible for enhancing your site performance and loading times, we advise checking the site’s performance before and after applying the settings with Site Speed Performance Testing tools.


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