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Alexa Alternative SimilarWeb Usage: Your New SEO Toolkit

If you’re new to the digital landscape, you might be unfamiliar with the Alexa alternative – SimilarWeb and its usage. However, it’s vital to delve into its importance in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

A Brief History of Alexa.com

In 1996, the digital arena was introduced to Alexa.com, which was focused on web traffic data and analytics. This platform quickly became a crucial tool for those venturing into the digital world. Just three years after its inception, in 1999, Amazon acquired Alexa.com. As it grew, Alexa.com collected data from millions, introducing the renowned Alexa Rank – a system to rank websites based on traffic.

Why Alexa Mattered in Digital Marketing

With Alexa.com, businesses didn’t just get traffic data. They gained insights into the demographic details of their audience, other websites the audience frequented, and keywords pulling traffic. These elements formed the foundation for budding SEO strategies. More than just rankings, Alexa.com aided in competitive analysis, marketing enhancements, and content formulation. Yet, all good things come to an end. In 2022, Amazon decided to pull the plug on Alexa.com.

Alexa’s Closure: A Significant Turn in Digital Marketing

Late in 2021, Amazon made public its intentions to halt Alexa.com. By May 2022, the platform was no longer operational, closing a pivotal chapter in web analytics and SEO. Such a move left a vacuum, highlighting the importance of the Alexa alternative, which SimilarWeb filled in modern digital marketing.

Read More About Alexa

You can read more about Alexa and its ranking on Wikipedia.

The Rise of SimilarWeb as the Perfect Alexa Alternative

After Alexa.com’s discontinuation, the Alexa alternative SimilarWeb usage gained prominence. Established in 2007, SimilarWeb wasn’t just a replacement but a powerful platform. It equips businesses with tools to monitor web traffic, optimize performance, and enhance keyword strategies. With an approachable interface, companies could trace their digital footsteps more precisely.

Features Making SimilarWeb the Ideal Alexa Successor

Beyond its primary functions, SimilarWeb boasts an array of subscription tiers catering to various business needs. From understanding rudimentary web traffic nuances to extensive data analysis, SimilarWeb has it.

Moreover, the platform’s transparency in data practices sets it apart. Users can grasp the data collection mechanisms, fostering trust. The convenient browser extensions provide instant access to vital metrics, aiding in swift and informed decision-making.

SimilarWeb: The Future of Digital Analytics

To re-emphasize, SimilarWeb isn’t just an alternative to Alexa.com. It’s an evolved tool offering extensive web analytics features. Its transparent methods, user-centric design, and powerful tools are forging a path for businesses to excel digitally. Let SimilarWeb be your compass in the vast digital ocean, ensuring you remain ahead of the competition.

Alexa Alternative SimilarWeb Usage to Discover the Internet’s Top 50 Websites


1. Open your preferred browser.

2. Go to the SimilarWeb website.

3. Once the website has loaded, navigate to the ‘Free Tools’ section in the top menu.

4. Click ‘Top Websites’ for a list of the 50 top websites.

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Ranking Your Website: A Step-by-step Alexa Alternative SimilarWeb Usage Guide

In this section of the SimilarWeb usage guide, you’ll learn how to examine your site’s global and country-based rankings:

1. Go to the SimilarWeb website.

2. Once the website has loaded, navigate to the ‘Free Tools’ section in the top menu.

3. Click on ‘Analyze a website.’

4. A search box will appear – type in your site’s domain and press ‘Enter’ to start the search.

After a few moments, SimilarWeb will report your site’s global and country-based rankings.

Usage Statistics

SimilarWeb provides different statistics, like web browsing device usage statistics and the SimilarWeb Search Engine Usage Statistics page.

Or you can navigate there through the top menu bar, [Free Tools], then [Mobile vs. Desktop] or [Top Search Engines].


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