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Avoid Duplicate Content: Strategies for Originality

When you aim to create online content, avoiding duplicate content is crucial, ensuring your work stands out and ranks well on search engines. The above might sound complex for those new to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world. However, with the proper guidance, it’s more straightforward than you’d think.

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Techniques to Avoid Duplicate Content

Dive Deep into the Topic

Firstly, to avoid duplicate content, grasp your topic firmly. Delve deep into various sources, from books to videos. A broad understanding helps in presenting information uniquely tailored to your perspective.

Begin with Fresh Ideas

Start your writing journey with your own thoughts. Brainstorm what you know and any opinions you hold. These actions ensure that the core of your article is genuine, helping to avoid duplicate content.

Expand Your Horizon with Multiple Sources

Limiting yourself to a couple of sources can be restrictive. Cast your net wide. By absorbing information from plenty of references, you naturally equip yourself with diverse viewpoints, aiding you in crafting unique content.

Always Give Credit

Whenever you use information from another source, always cite it. This action not only lends credibility but also protects you from unintentionally copying.

Master the Art of Paraphrasing

Don’t copy it word for word when you need to borrow information. Understand it thoroughly, then rewrite it, bringing your interpretation and style.

The Power of Starting Afresh

Resist the urge to rephrase. After your research phase, take a moment, detach from your sources, and then write down your understanding. This action ensures that your content is born from your assimilation and interpretation.

Personal Touches Matter to Avoid Duplicate Content

To avoid duplicate content, sprinkle your article with personal experiences. Sharing your own stories related to the topic can make your content unique and relatable.

Get a Second Opinion

Sharing your draft with someone can be beneficial. Others can point out any sections that might seem borrowed and offer feedback to make your piece more original.

Stay in the Loop

With rapidly evolving subjects, always being up-to-date can be your advantage. Adding the latest trends ensures your content is fresh, helping you effectively avoid duplicate content.

Steer Clear of Copy-Pasting to Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid Copy-Pasting it at all costs. Even if you plan to edit later, copying and pasting increases the risk of unintentional similarities.

Craft a Unique Voice

You’ll develop a signature style as you continue to write. This personal touch ensures that your content stands out even on popular topics, helping you avoid duplicate content.

Stay Consistent but Not Repetitive

It’s good to have a consistent theme, especially if you’re a niche writer. However, always cross-reference with your past works to ensure you’re not inadvertently regurgitating old content.

The Visual Element – Original Imagery

A picture speaks a thousand words. If those words echo someone else’s, the impact diminishes. Opt for original graphics and photos, or if using stock images, tweak them to resonate with your content’s essence.

The Power of Plagiarism Checkers

To avoid duplicate content, employ tools like Grammarly. We will use Grammarly in section 8 of our Complete SEO Guide Box. They can spot unintentional similarities between your content and what’s already there.

The Need for Duplicate Content

Suppose you do need duplicate content on your website for some reason. In that case, you should use the “canonical” tag on the duplicate content page. Here is the Google guidance page about using canonical URLs.

Read More About Duplicate Content

You can read more about Google’s stance on duplicate content. Though this blog post is from 2008, it outlines the basics, which didn’t change much.


Remember: it’s not just about being unique but also about offering a valuable perspective. As you navigate the SEO world, always prioritize originality and authenticity.

The current article is "2.10. Duplicate Content" of our Complete SEO Guide Box.
Previous Article: 2.9. Writing SEO Content. Next Article: 2.11. Google’s Take: AI Content


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