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What is Mixed Content? A Guide to Site Security

If you’ve ever wondered, “What is mixed content?” this article is for you. The term refers to a situation where a secure website (loaded over HTTPS) incorporates resources loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. This situation can pose a significant security risk as attackers can intercept, alter, or manipulate the insecure content.

The Two Types of Mixed Content

Mixed content comes in two forms: passive and active. Passive includes elements that don’t interact with the rest of the webpage, such as images, videos, or audio files. Despite being labeled as ‘passive,’ this type can still pose a risk as attackers can manipulate it to misrepresent information on the website.

On the other hand, active mixed content refers to elements that can interact with the webpage and potentially alter its behavior. These elements include scripts, stylesheets, iframes, and other executable code. Active type poses a more significant threat as it can change the website’s functionality and compromise user data.

The Impact on Website Security

So, what is mixed content’s impact on website security? A website using it opens up vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. Even though the initial page load is secure (over HTTPS), attackers can intercept and manipulate the insecure elements. This manipulation can lead to various issues, from misleading information displayed to users to more serious problems like data theft.

How Browsers Handle Mixed Content

Browsers typically have measures in place to handle it. Active is often blocked by default, while warnings are displayed for passive. This action is done to protect users’ information and maintain the integrity of the secure connection.

Addressing Mixed Content Issues

Website owners should ensure that all resources on their site are loaded over HTTPS. This action can be achieved by updating the URLs of the resources to use HTTPS or by implementing Content Security Policy directives that instruct the browser to load all resources over HTTPS.

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In conclusion, understanding what mixed content is and how it impacts website security is crucial for anyone managing a website. By loading all resources securely, website owners can provide their users with a safer and more reliable browsing experience.


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